Welcome to our Story 

My entrepreneurial father Rudolf, who has been in the food industry for years, is constantly bringing home new food inventions for us to all try.  He is a master of caramel and chocolate spread creations and they are always delicious!  While at boarding school in my final school year, my brother and I would take these samples to share with our friends and give him honest feedback. Food was always scarce in boarding school so extra delicious spreads were  welcomed and enjoyed by everyone.

My vegan roommate and I had many interesting conversation about Vegan diets and options and after much research I decided to join her on this journey.  We spent much time in the kitchen together making snacks and meals.  We became very good at making scrumptious date balls in the Nutribullet.   It was not long before our sweet tooth cravings grew and desired desperately to dip the date balls in chocolate sauce.  After much experimentation with recipes I consulted with the expert and my father agreed to assist me in attempting to develop his delicious chocolate spread into a vegan version without compromising on taste.

Many months later and after much research my passion to create sustainable, eco-friendly vegan spreads was at its peak.  The development of this product involved months of taking samples to boarding school to get the opinion of my house mates and friends which proved to be very reliable and honest feedback.  We became more and more creative by freezing the spread to offer midnight treats while studying or melting the spread to create delicious sauces.  Emma Pietersen and my father worked endlessly during these months to perfect the recipes and flavours that we found to be the most popular.

Our biggest challenge lay in our determination to make the spreads eco-friendly and for this reason we chose to use coconut oil instead and palm oil. Our product is also preservative, gluten, soya free and of course truly vegan. 


A whole year had gone by and in 2019 I, Celina and my father Rudolf, together with our staff had finally settled on exquisite flavours of vegan spreads resulting in our C’dea Chocolate Vegan Spread Family. 


Is our Hazelnut flavoured Choco Vegan spread Nut allergy free?